The remix command allows you to start with one image and describe changes to it, as well as specify a different AI model to change the image.

Limitations: Remix does not keep the same face of characters, so it’s best to use edit in that case.

Prerequisites: A photo must first exist before a remix command, and PirateDiffusion must have administrator rights in Telegram. If this is granted after the photo was uploaded, the image must be sent to the room again, as it cannot read old messages.

Advanced: You can adjust the effects of /remix with /guidance and /strength, as shown to control how much freedom (or reign in) the AI has to interpret your instructions

The photo can be (A) uploaded from your device (compressed mode works best) or (B) an AI-generated photo, as shown in the example below. If you’re in a Telegram Group, you can also (C) remix other people’s group renders.

Step 1

Provide a photo as the input, or render one first

/render a beautiful woman <openjourney>

You can also upload any photo from your mobile or PC instead. If you are trying to apply filters to your portrait, for example, do that instead.

By default, Render produces a few photos. Now click on the specific picture in the chat that you want.

Step 2

After the photo that you want to remix appears, click on it and then click REPLY.  Depending on your OS, this is either a right click, a tap, or a long press. A submenu should appear to expose the reply button, as show below.

Note: Openjourney V1 is an older model, and these images are not reflective of the current quality of our AI models. Please see styles for better options.

Step 3

In the chat box that appears after clicking reply, type /remix (using the slash, and all lower case letters, and then a space)

/remix Albert Einstein


If /remix is not responding in your group chat, it likely means the bot does not have administrator privileges yet, as shown below:

The group owner must edit the group, edit administrators, and add PirateDiffusion as an administrator, and then use the /email command to give that group rendering perks again.

Also — images previously sent to the room cannot be read, so delete the image and load it again after the bot is an admin.

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