This feature is a legacy feature for OG founding users only

Please ask @admin to help you with PT files in VIP Chat


This is related to our Dreambooth and Concepts functionality

Important: Our system expects the .pt file (which is just a .zip) to have its contents named “archive/data.pkl”.  If that isn’t there, it will fail.

Ideally, your upload should look like this:

/concept /new:(name it something unique) style

Before you upload, check the file structure

You’ll want to rename your PT file to a ZIP, extract it, and inspect the file structure before you begin your upload. Citing the example above, everything in the joepro3-1800 folder should instead be in “archive”. Unzip it, change the folder name to archive and rezip it.

To load a PT file, simply upload it into the chat with the following command shown above, similar to how concepts work.

Please mind the data.pkl file in your PT file. Pulling some premade files out of other repos, such as Automatic1111 colab, may not. In this case, the bot will stop responding as a security measure and ignore your future commands, so please take care. If it happens to you, please notify @admin in the channel.

FAQ: How do I use ‘pt’ files for textual inversion?

If you’re using Stablediffusion locally, a ‘pt’ file is an XML-based text file format that contains the page definitions from a PDF or image document. StableDiffusion offers a variety of cloud based solutions to automatically process and convert these types of files for textual inversion.

The most popular option for this task is StableDiffusion’s Document Conversion Service, which can turn any type of documents into structured text formats such as plaintext and HTML.

To use it, simply upload the pt file to the service, select the desired output format and start the conversion process. After completion, you will have structured text files to perform textual inversion with StableDiffusion.

Quick tutorial on how to convert pt files for use with StableDiffusion

1. Download and install StableDiffusion on your machine if you haven’t already done so.

2. Open the .pt file you want to convert in a text editor like Notepad++ or Sublime Text

3. Use your command line interface to navigate to the directory where the .pt file is located, then enter “stable diffusion –c <filename> <destination>”, replacing <filename> with the actual name of your pt file and <destination> with the location you’d like it to be saved in.

4. If successful, this will create a version of your original file with an extension of ‘bml’ instead of ‘pt’ in the specified destination folder – this is the new version that’s compatible with StableDiffusion
5. Now open your newly-converted bml file in StableDiffusion and explore away!


This guide is for technical folks who want to use a CKPT file in Pirate Diffusion. If you don’t know what that is or why you would want to do that, it’s for those who have trained their own model. Our chat bots like Pirate Diffusion and Anime Maker use “diffusers format”

(Please note that we cannot load models without safety checks)


Step 1 – Download this app and install it, and run any updates

Step 2 – Put your CKPT model into the /data/models folder

Step 3 – Click on the wrench icon and click convert to “diffusers” format

Step 4 – Create a free huggingface account and upload the whole thing into a directory there.

Use this format with this folder structure when you upload, don’t upload a zip, etc.  You need to use GIT to sync to HF.

Step 5 – Check your folder structure, and then copy the link.  Allow a few minutes as HF may also scan your files for safety checks.

And you’re done! 

Ping @admin in Telegram with that HF link, and we’ll load it for you.

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