Outpainting isn’t officially supported in our software yet, but our clever community figured out away to do it anyway!  We’ll add canvas resize in a near future update, but if you’re eager to try it, it’s possible right now.

Outpainting is the ability to dynamically extend and stretch the background on a completed image, like zooming out, and the AI fills in the blank extra pixels seamlessly. Knowing how to use inpaint is a prerequisite for this guide.

Note: at the time of this guide, this only works on our Telegram Bot

How to “unofficially” outpaint to zoom out your image with our AI

Step 1 – First, download the photo you want to work on, or render your image and download it. This image was created by community member, Deacon:

/render your own image or copy the prompt below

/seed:270870 /recipe:fuji 1man, Close up face, muscular Alex Pettyfr as a sweat steampunk cowboy, wearing black cowboy hat, hard muscle, hunky, sweating, ((face visible)) lens flare, optical flare, depth of field, cinematic composition, cinematic lighting, lens dirt, depth focus, (((dark industrial nighttime background))) ((masterpiece, best quality, 8k, raw, canon 5d, f/1.8, iso 6400, wide-angle, Realism, movies, posters, photos,(detailed face), handsome, masterpiece, best quality, highres, realistic, standing, foreshortening, medium shot, ground view)) (high detailed skin:1.2), 8k uhd, dslr, soft lighting <realgalaxy>

Step 2 – Open your image editor and add some white space around the image.  We recommend downloading a free app like Photos on Android, Irfanview on Windows desktop, and any similar program that allows the extension of the canvas.

Don’t do too much at once, or you might get recursion.  Your app might call this canvas resize, image dimensions resize, etc.

Pictured: the free Windows photo editor, Irfanview has a canvas resize feature. Any similar app will do on any OS, most paint apps have this

Add about 50% around your image.  Your photo should now look something like the image below. The canvas can be any color, we are going to paint over in Step 5. Save your image to your computer or phone.

Step 3 – Upload this modified image back into Telegram.

During the upload process, Telegram will ask if you want to send it “quick” or “with compression” — say yes, check that box. Otherwise, we can’t read it.

PS. If you don’t care for buff cowboys, we have more examples below.

Inpaint requires the image to be rendered. As we just pasted a non-AI edited image, we need to re-process the noise so inpaint can work.

Step 4: Let’s give the AI noise information about this image, as it can’t work with an image that isn’t processed. In a future update we’ll automate this step, but for this “unsupported” workaround this hack works great.

Select your image and type this in the Reply field.

/facelift /photo /size:768x768 /images:1

It won’t change your aspect ratio, it will respect the original size and give you a set. Now we have a “real” AI image to work with.

Step 5: Reply to the image with an inpaint command describing both what is already in the photo and the other things that you want to see around it.

/inpaint a sexy shirtless man at a rodeo

A link to the brush tool will appear.  Click on that, and use the large brush to erase both the extended canvas as well as the shape around the subject, so everything looks more consistent when it comes back

Tada! We have our sexy man at a rodeo…


…but he’s surrounded by other sexy men at the rodeo.

If your prompt is too short, it will repeat your instructions to fill in the blanks, so make sure you are clear: 1man, a bull in the background, stadium lights, clowns, aliens, etc. Give it something to work with, or you’ll get twins.

Repeat these steps to make the image even bigger and fix imperfections!

If your mask was ignored, try setting your device to “desktop mode” or using the native PC version of Telegram.  We tested this in Chrome on Android and iOS, so other browsers like Opera may not be fully supported.

Please contact us in VIP chat if you have any questions! This feature is officially not supported but we’ll try to be helpful anyway.

In the near future we will automate this first step, but for now please use a free photos program to do the first part.

Also see: ControlNet

Download one of these templates and practice outpainting right now

Special thanks to “Eggs Benadryl” for these great examples

A challenge! Can you finish it?  (hint: Fallout)

Can you prompt a few happy trees into the void?

The possibilities are endless.